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 new  Kevin Howard In His Steps V + IQ
2016 Sermons
Nov. 12 Pastor Alvin Maragh Lot’s Three Angels’ Messages V + IQ
Nov. 5 Pastor Gerzon Gomez The Army of God, Part 2 A, V + IQ
Nov. 5 Pastor Gerzon Gomez The Army of God, Part 1 A, V + IQ
Oct. 29 Pastor Alvin Maragh Loving The Unlovable A, V
Sept. 24 Pastor Art Bushnell The Light Seen Around The World A, V
Sept. 17 Pastor Alvin Maragh Cover Up and Take It Off A, V
Sept. 10 Pastor Abel Pangan I Cannot Understand A, V
Aug. 20 Pastor Alvin Maragh Vodka, Noah and San Miguel A, V
Aug. 13 Justin Wilson God is Love Every Time A, V
Aug. 6 Pastor Alvin Maragh Which Gospel? A, V
July 30 Pastor Joshua Mura Accepting Yourself A, V, R
July 9 Pastor Alvin Maragh Communion and the Second Coming A, V
July 2 Evangelist Anil Kanda Sodium Chloride A, V
June 11 Evangelist Anil Kanda Latter Rain Power A, V
June 4 Evangelist Anil Kanda Angel Company A, V
May 28 Evangelist Anil Kanda Heaven A, V
May 21 Pastor Dan Botabara YHWH Is My Shepherd A, V
May 14 Pastor Alvin Maragh Our Hope In Hard Times A, V
Apr. 30 Albert Lising Warning: Christians Will Be Persecuted A, V
Apr. 23 Dr. Esterlita Quinones Led By The Master's Hand A, V
Apr. 9 Peter K. Chung Looks Don't Matter A, V
Mar. 26 Dr. Benny Banaag Eye Witness A, V
Mar. 19 Pastor Alvin Maragh Sobriety: What The World Needs Now A, V
Mar. 12 Geoffrey Montoya Walks of Life A, V
Mar. 5 Pastor Alvin Maragh Repent: Purity Vs Abstinence
(Repentance Series #4)
A, V
Feb. 27 Danny Vierra God's Health Plan: Blood Purification
(3rd Presentation)
A, V, R
Feb. 27 Danny Vierra Health Reform and The Christian Race
(2nd Presentation)
A, V, R
Feb. 27 Danny Vierra Leaves of the Trees
(1st Presentation)
A, V, R
Feb. 20 Pastor Alvin Maragh Judas: Change Your Mind
(Repentance Series #3)
A, V
Feb. 13 Dr. Maria Kidwell Gnashing of Teeth A, R
Feb. 6 Pastor Alvin Maragh The Message That Grabbed Mark's Attention
(Repentance Series #2)
A, V, R
Jan. 30 Pastor Dayton Chong My Best Friend is Jesus A
Jan. 23 Pastor Alvin Maragh The Dangers of Keeping Secrets
(Repentance Series #1)
A, V
Jan. 16 Michael Tuazon God's People Delivered
(4th Presentation)
A, V, R
Jan. 16 Michael Tuazon The End of Time: Why Are We So Blind?
(3rd Presentation)
A, V, R
Jan. 16 Michael Tuazon SOULS West and iShare Conference
(2nd Presentation)
A, V, R
Jan. 15 Michael Tuazon Where We Are In Earth's History
(1st Presentation)
A, V, R
Jan. 9 Pastor Alvin Maragh A 4,000 Year Thought A
Jan. 2 Ray Puen Nevertheless A, V
2015 Sermons
Dec. 26 Pastor Alvin Maragh Jesus Can Relate A
Dec. 19 Bill Krick The Man in the Snow A
Dec. 12 Pastor Abel Pangan Fear Not A
Dec. 5 CVSDA Pathfinders We Are The Pathfinders Strong! A
Nov. 28 Pastor Alvin Maragh Open the Right Door A
Nov. 21 Christopher Aguilar His Faithfulness A
Nov. 14 Pastor Alvin Maragh 11 Is Not Enough A
Nov. 7 George Carr Papa, What Is God Like? A
Oct. 31 Darwin Whitman The Journey of the Cross
(2nd Presentation)
Oct. 24 Darwin Whitman Dress for Success
(1st Presentation)
Oct. 17 Pastor Alvin Maragh Lot's Problem is Our Problem A
Oct. 10 Dr. Glenn Garbutt God's Favorite Rascals A
Oct. 10 Tara Vang Testimony A
Oct. 3 Pastor Alvin Maragh 2nd Place Theology A
Sept. 26 Pastor Daniel Suarez The Godly Way of Giving A, V
Sept. 19 Pastor Alvin Maragh The Family & The Sealing A, V
Sept. 12 Pastor Gary Jensen The Growing Influence of the Papacy A
Sept. 5 Pastor Alvin Maragh When Michael Stands Up A
Aug. 29 Ku'uipo Sarte The Choices We Make Today Reflect Who We Worship A
Aug. 22 Pastor Alvin Maragh My Name Was... A
Aug. 15 Noemi Gallego I Shall Not Want A
Aug. 8 Pastor Alvin Maragh If He Can Make It, You Can Make It A
Aug. 1 Sam Recalde, Sr. My Life Story for God's Glory A
July 25 Pastor John Bradshaw The Master's Keys: Unlocking The Abundant Life V
July 18 Dr. Leslie Pollard The Master's Keys: Unlocking The Abundant Life V
July 11 Pastor Alvin Maragh Sad SDA History A, V
July 4 Taj Pacleb In The Belly of The Beast A
June 27 Pastor Alvin Maragh The Dream of Claudia Procula A
June 13 Pastor Alvin Maragh Pilgrims A
May 30 Pastor Alvin Maragh No Condemnation A
May 23 In Harmony Songs and Testimonies A
May 16 Pastor Alvin Maragh Plan B A
May 9 Pastor George Johnson His Name is Wonderful A
May 2 Pastor Alvin Maragh Central Valley: No Ordinary Church A
Apr. 18 Daphne Alvarado Someone is Praying for You A
Apr. 11 Geoffrey Montoya Champions are Few A
Mar. 21 Pastor Andrew Uyeyama What Does a Super Hero Gospel Worker Look Like? A
Feb. 21 Pastor E.L. In the Mean Time... A
Feb. 14 Pastor Daniel Escamilla A Model Church A