2017 Features
DatePerformed/Prepared byTitle of FeatureAudio, Video
+ Lyrics
 new Junno RosendoBecause He LivesV + L
July 29Melissa & Rodney LaurelMedley - He Leadeth Me
& I Will Follow Thee
V + L
July 1Alexia BenardoIt's a Beautiful DayV + L
 new Dawn Gaje4-Song MedleyV + L
 new CVSDA Chamber ChoirOn The Rock I StandV + L
 new CVSDA Chamber ChoirPsalm 1 (Delight in the Law)V + L
 new CVSDA Chamber ChoirMedley - Draw Me Close
& I Need Thee Every Hour
V + L
 new CVSDA Chamber ChoirShare Your FaithV + L
 new CVSDA Chamber ChoirThe Power of the CrossV + L
May 27CVSDA Chamber ChoirCreation Is SingingV + L
 new Davin & Irene BennettLook for the WaymarksV + L
 new Davin & Irene BennettPrayer of the Church
(Hymn for 1843)
V + L
 new Davin & Irene BennettThe Three Messages
(Second Advent History)
V + L
 new Davin & Irene BennettO, When Shall I See JesusV + L
 new Davin & Irene BennettI'm a PilgrimV + L
 new Melissa Laurel
with Dawn Gaje & Karina Lopez
Medley - He Knows My Name
& I Need Thee Every Hour
V + L
 new Jed Dela PazCome, Thou Fount of Every BlessingV + L
 new Javier Gonzalez
& Jed Dela Paz
If I Can Help SomebodyV + L
 new Paulette Jumalon
& Jed Dela Paz
3-Song MedleyV + L
 new Javier Gonzalez
& Jed Dela Paz
Make Me an Instrument
of Your Peace
V + L
 new Javier Gonzalez, Paulette Jumalon
& Jed Dela Paz
He's Got The Whole WorldV + L
 new Michael LongHittin' The RoadV + L
 new Stephanie DawnThe Love of GodV + L
 new Stephanie DawnLover of the ChildrenV + L
 new Stephanie DawnThe Night WatchV + L
 new Stephanie DawnHe's Listening To YouV + L
 new Stephanie DawnArise, Shine (Isaiah 60)V + L
 new Stephanie DawnPsalm 131 (Stilled And Quieted My Soul)V + L
 new Stephanie DawnBe Still, My SoulV + L
 new Stephanie DawnI Call You FriendV + L
 new Stephanie DawnWho Has BelievedV + L
 new Adult ChoirIt Is Well With My SoulV + L
2016 Features
 new Adult & Chamber ChoirsHallelujah ChorusV + L
 new Becky Messer(Hallelujah) Here With UsV + L
 new Nicole Anne TiburcioBlessingsV + L
 new Brown Brothers USAMine Eyes Have Seen the GloryV + L
 new Brown Brothers USAIt Is Well With My SoulV + L
 new Brown Brothers USAHe's The OneV + L
 new Brown Brothers USALet There Be Peace on EarthV + L
Nov. 19Brown Brothers USAThis Little Light of MineV + L
Nov. 19Brown Brothers USAI Will Call Upon The LordV + L
Nov. 19Brown Brothers USAMy Tribute (To God Be The Glory)V + L
Nov. 19Brown Brothers USAGod of Our FathersV + L
Nov. 5Jacqueline Jewel CunninghamLove The LordV
Sep. 24Dawn & Joy GajeShine, Jesus, ShineV
 new Paulette, Xander, Jon & Juno
with Jeremy, Jed, Krystle, Shauna & Chris
No More NightV
Sep. 10Xander & Juno
with Jed & Shauna
We Are The ReasonV
Sep. 10Paulette Jumalon & Jed Dela PazGive Me JesusV
Sep. 10Jed, Paulette, Xander,
Jon, Krystle & Juno
Lamb of GodV
Sep. 10Xander Legaspi
with Jed, Krystle & Shauna
Were It Not for GraceV
Sep. 10Paulette Jumalon
with Jed, Krystle & Shauna
Nella Fantasia (In My Fantasy)V
Sep. 10Jed Dela PazJericho (with Introduction)V
Sep. 10Paulette Jumalon & Jed Dela PazHe's Got The Whole WorldV
Sep. 10Jed, Paulette, Xander,
Jon & Krystle
Who Am IV
Sep. 10Xander & Paulette
with Jed, Krystle & Shauna
My Jesus I Love TheeV
Sep. 10Juno Rada with Jeremy,
Krystle, Shauna & Chris
Sep. 10Paulette Jumalon
with Jed, Krystle & Shauna
God Help The OutcastsV
Sep. 10Paulette Jumalon & Jed Dela PazMedley - If My People
& Eternal Life
Sep. 10Jed Dela PazCome Thou Long Expected JesusV
Sep. 10Xander Legaspi
with Krystle & Shauna
You Raise Me UpV
July 30Ryen Mura
with Vladimir, Zeny & Carel
The Strength of the LordV
July 30Jediael & Jahziel SulitFind Us FaithfulV
July 2Melissa Laurel & Krinstin JoeSoftly and TenderlyV
June 25Lisa ManzanaresGrace Flows DownV
June 25Melvir Ausente & Jon Dela PazYour Grace Still Amazes MeV
June 25Melvir Ausente & Jon Dela PazMedley - He Knows My Name
& I Can Only Imagine
June 25Melvir AusenteNo More NightV
June 24Melvir Ausente & Jed Dela PazMedley - I Choose Jesus &
I Have Decided To Follow Jesus
June 23Jaerinne LylesI Have Decided To Follow JesusV
June 21Sonnemyr Ferraren-SapianLight of a Million MorningsV
June 18Dennis & Jaylene OsenaKidsville - Vacation Bible XperienceV
June 16Lisa ManzanaresLead Me LordV
June 14Becky MesserHe Knows My NameV
June 10Melissa LaurelThere is a SaviorV
June 8Jaiden and Eliana OsenaStillV
June 7Bryl Linn & Shyllyn NermalNo One Understands Like JesusV
June 5Luthar, Liz, Elmer & GlennHis Life For MineV
June 4Lisa ManzanaresPrecious Lord, Take My HandV
June 3Junno RosendoAncient WordsV
May 28Jacqueline Jewel & Josh CunninghamConcert
"A Love with No Ending"
A, V
May 28Various Praise SingersGod I Look To YouV
Jan. 16Candice TuazonHeed The Final CallV
2015 Features
Sep. 19Jacqueline Jewel CunninghamI Have Decided To Follow JesusV
Sep. 19Jacqueline Jewel CunninghamJesus at The CenterV
Sep. 19Jacqueline Jewel CunninghamMe and My HouseV
May 23In HarmonyConcert
"Songs and Testimonies"
Nov. 3, 2012Vocal TrioSpecial MusicV