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Title: "Led By The Master's Hand"
Guest Speaker: Dr. Esterlita Quinones
Date of Message: April 23, 2016

Audio: Raw, Untrimmed
Video: Audio Amplified
Scripture Reference: Isaiah 41:10

Topics: Personal, Journey, Testimony, Clinic, Appearances, Behind, Scenes, Needs, Encouragement, Born, Roman Catholic, Poor, Father, Fisherman, Mother, Fish Vendor, Zamboanga del Sur, Sibling, Large Family, Muslims, Barracuda, Rebels, Pagadian City, Misamis Occidental, Evacuees, Elementary, Catholic Charities, Provided, Food, Diarrhea, Ticket, General Santos City, Lived, Seashore, Alcoholic, Smoker, Hospital, Blood Transfusion, Down payment, Dream, Doctor, Borrow, Money, Laundry work, Fruit Vendor, Mindanao State University, Marawi City, Bible Study, Jesus, Love, Grace, Baptized, Samaritan Woman, Enrolled, Voice of Prophecy, Joined, Choir, Pathfinder, Master Guide, Training, Witness, Desire of Ages, Memorize, Verses, Scholarship, Private, School, Registrar Office, Promissory Note, Low, Self-Esteem, Hand-me-down, Shoes, Confidence, Mentors, Identity, Child of God, Devotional Time, Holy Spirit, Old Habits, Temptation, Struggle, Addiction, Condemnation, Imperfection, Critical, Accepting, Embarrassed, Choices, Failures, Joys, Success, Friends, Iligan, Unique, Special, College, Sick, Medication, Side-Effects, Punishment, Angry, Mandaue, Leprosarium, Lepers, Expenses, Deformed, Trying Moments, Battle, Casualties, Result, Negative, Surgeon, Dr. Georgia Soliman, Manila, Bone, Tuberculosis, Residency, Ob Gyn, Obstetrics, Gynaecology, Cebu, British Guiana, Called, Boy, Joseph, Convulsion, Bleeding, Neurosurgeon, Adventist, America, Party, Clan, RN, Grateful, Heaven, Playing, Church, Fulfillment, Led, Guide, Spend Time, Faithful, Compass, Future, Enjoy, Trip