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Title: "My Best Friend is Jesus"
Guest Speaker: Pastor Dayton Chong
Date of Message: January 30, 2016
Audio: Raw, Untrimmed
Scripture References: 1 John 4:8-9, Matthew 22:37, James 2:10, Isaiah 58:13, Proverbs 6:16-19

Topics: Johnny, Cruel, Mean, God, Acts of God, Disasters, Love, Sickness, Call, Dream, Preacher, Refuse, Singapore, Mischief, Stick, Dr. Thompson, Missionary, Train, Disciple, Prepare, Sermon, Baptized, Johor Bahru, Evangelistic, Crusade, Director, Ministry, School, Associate, Superintendent, Graduate, Honors, Seminary, Scholarship, Anrdrews University, Penang, English, Church, District, Leader, Community, Malaysia, Delegation, Witness, King, Prime Minister, Jesus Christ, Pray, Faithful, Total, Surrender, Commitment, Grow, Read, Bible, End Times, Satan, Angels, Hell, Trap, Temptation, Body, Temple, Holy Spirit, Smoking, Drinking, Drugs, Keep, Commandments, Sabbath, Sunday Law, Politicians, Political, Correctness, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Turn Away, Sin, Death, Confess, Tithe, Gospel, Healing, ICU, Miracle, Doctor, Atheist, Never Doubt, Peter, Prodigal Son