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Title: "God's People Delivered"
Guest Speaker: Michael Tuazon, Director of Souls West
Date of Message: January 16, 2016
(Sabbath Afternoon)

Audio:Raw, Untrimmed
Scripture References: Amos 8:11, Revelation 13:11-12, Matthew 24, Hebrews 13:5, Matthew 28:20, Isaiah 57:1, 2 Peter 3:9, Isaiah 43:25, Acts 3, Revelation 17:13-16, Revelation 16:12, Revelation 22:10-12

Topics: Spirit, Prophecy, Ellen White, Bible, Truths, Clearly, Presented, Desires, Sinful, Heart, Satan, Shaking, Times, Doctrines, Women, Ordination, Debates, Distract, Ready, Study, Famine, Trouble, Marriage, Sunday, Law, Stages, Enforce, Proposition, Ballot, Observance, Court, Fines, Imprisonment, Positions, Rewards, Advantages, Death, Decree, Farm, Beast, Papacy, United States, Sea, Earth, Pilgrims, Religious, Freedom, Persecution, Little, Great, Sabbath, Latter, Rain, Nominal, Adventist, 1847, Seven, Last, Plagues, California, Brethren, Australia, Christ, Third, 3rd, Angels, Holy Spirit, Power, Loud, Cry, Persecution, Red Sea, Close, Probation, Sealing, Saints, Devil, Reign, Jacob, Maranatha, Wicked, Righteous, Jesus, Human, Limitation, 144, Thousand, 144000, End, Hezekiah, Sun, Babylonians, Gold, Pillage, Sins, Blotted, Fallen, Protestant, Churches, Lamb, Chosen, Faithful, Whore, King of the East, Pharaoh, Esther, Israelites, Come


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