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Title: "A 4,000 Year Thought"
Speaker: Pastor Alvin Maragh
Date of Message: January 9, 2016
Audio: Raw, Untrimmed
Topics: Last Days, Events, Prophecy, Character, Southern, California, Conference, Adventist, Elder, Sabbath School, Teacher, Ronda, Transgender, Struggle, Sin, Homosexuality, Addiction, Pornography, Holy Ghost, Victory, Lot, Son of Man, Remnant Church, LGBT, Agenda, Knowing, Jesus, Simon, John 21:18, Peter, Ready, To Die, Lived, Thought, 36 Years, Crucifix, Upside Down, Lamb, Sheep, Love, Third Time, No Date, Live, His Last, Luke 2:34, Mary, Simeon, Blessed, Child, Israel, Sword, Pierce, Soul, Machaira, Rhomphaia, 33 Years, News, Dedication, Genesis 3:15, Christ, Adam, Eve, Satan, Serpent, Crush, Bruise, Head, Strike, Heel, Revelation 13:8, Slain, Foundation, World, Redemption, Plan, 4000 Years, Separate, Father, Leave, Throne, 33 Years, Determination, Romans 5:8, Died, Ungodly, Demonstrates, Sinners, Ellen White, Desire of Ages, 258, Secret Sin, Captive, Helpless, Demoniac, Capernaum, Not Hopeless, Cross