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Title: "Nevertheless"
Guest Speaker: Ray Puen
Date of Message: January 2, 2016

Topics: Thankful, 2015, All Things, Resolution, Joshua, Possession, Sanctify, Yourself, Spanish, Song, Worship, Protection, Holy, Lord, God, Almighty, Confession, Jews, Hallelujah, Praise, Philippines, Prayer Team, Wheelchair, Rise Up, Walk, Holy Spirit, Great Commission, Ellen White, People, Wise, Serpent, Harmless, Doves, Discernment, Wisdom, Friendly, Jesus, Christ, Go, World, Disciples, Twelve, Apostles, Learn, Nepal, Earn, Right, Give, Toilet, Hygiene, Septic, Love, Hear, Word, Health, Secondary, Preach, Gospel, Saves, Forgives, Coming, Again, Logos, Transform, Word, Memorize, Scripture, Multitude, Pressed, Cuba, Projector, Speaker, Tripod, Backpack, Film, Media, App, Children, Spanish, Life, Changing, Email, Mountains, Bless, Pray, Witch Doctor, Rabbi, Sat Down, Nets, Fish, Nevertheless, Follow, Simon, Invitation, Obey, Willing, Do It, Leap, Faith, 2016