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Title: "Jesus Can Relate"
Speaker: Pastor Alvin Maragh
Date of Message: December 26, 2015
Audio: Raw, Untrimmed
Topics: Jesus, Heaven, Womb, Virgin, Came, Down, Earth, Relate, Felt, Human, Physical, Needs, Tempted, All, Points, No Sin, Love, Righteousness, Lived, Poverty, Mary, Joseph, No Room, Inn, Deliver, Born, Firstborn, Manger, Animals, Donkey, Cow, Zoo, Stink, Mess, Manure, Hospital, Turtle Doves, Lamb, Sacrifice, Broke, Raised, Food Stamp, Section 8, Faithful, Nathanael, Nazareth, Ghetto, Projects, Unsupportive, Family, Brothers, James, Joses, Simon, Judas, Sisters, Galilee, Judea, Depart, Secret, Show, World, Dysfunctional, Ellen White, Believe, John, Disciple, Son, Entrust, Mother, Home, Jude, Book, Heal