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Title: "Light of a Million Mornings"
Performed by: Sonnemyr Ferraren-Sapian
Date: June 21, 2016

Video: Audio Amplified
"Light of a Million Mornings" Lyrics

I couldn't see the sunshine through the shadows
I couldn't seem to find a soul to care
And in my darkest hour
You touch me with Your power
And when I looked Your light was everywhere

The light of the million mornings filled my heart
The sound of a million angels sung my song
The warmth of a love so tender
Touched my life and suddenly
The light of a million morning starts in me

I never tried to understand the sunrise
I know it takes away the dark
I can't explain Your healing
Or all the joy I'm feeling
I only know You've come in to my heart

[Repeat Refrain]

And now that Your glory
Has come shining through
Let my life be a candle, Lord
That shines for You,
Shines for You, shines for You...

[Repeat Refrain]