If you miss any of the seminar messages, you can catch up on each of the messages here. These messages were recorded from an earlier seminar at Fresno Central SDA Church. If you are interested in purchasing this series or any material presented by Evangelist Taj Pacleb please contact him at tajpacleb@hotmail.com

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Unlocking the Revelation - April 30th

The End! Is it Here, Near, or Mere Fear? - May 1st -5pm

Prophecy's Final Countdown - May 1st - 7pm

 Revelation's Two Minute Warning - May 2nd - 7pm

Isreal in Bible Prophecy - May 3rd - 7pm

Revelation's Global Peace Plan - May 5th - 7pm

Revelation's Eternal Sign of Love - May 6th - 7pm

The Secret about the Secret Rapture (Revelation's Knight in Shing Armor) - May 7th - 5pm

Antichrist's Greatest Deception - May 7th - 7pm

How to Postpone Your Funeral - May 8th - 5pm

Can the Dead Speak to Us? - May 8th - 7pm

Revelation's Final Showdown - May 9th - 7pm

Living to Die and Dying to Live - May 12th - 7pm

Revelation's Mysterious Horsemen (Why so many denominations?) - May 13th - 7pm

Path to the Throne of God - May 14th - 11am

The Wine of Babylon - May 14th - 5pm

Survivors of the Longest War - May 14th - 7pm

The Mark of the Beast & The Seal of God - May 15th - 7pm

A Love that Transforms - May 16th - 7pm

Revelation's Spirit of Prophecy - May 19th - 7pm

A Sin that God Cannot Forgive - May 20th - 7pm

No Turning Back - May 21st - 11am

What will Heaven be Like? - May 21st - 7pm